Chuck Knutson tactical rapel

Military & Police

Proficient Military and Police tactical and fitness training is mission critical. Not only should you be concerned with your own personal ability to complete your mission but you should also be acutely aware of how your fitness level and tactical performance affect your team. Their safety depends on you as yours does on them. It is incumbent upon you to achieve and maintain peak functional performance physically, mentally and tactically. As you may have heard before, “the more you sweat in training – the less you bleed in war”.

Our training mission is to provide you with the fitness regimen and tactical knowledge necessary to be an effective, confident professional.

We are serious about maintaining these standards. That includes nutrition. If you are unable or unwilling to adopt and sustain this mindset, than we are not for you.

We are Marines and Marine Corps veterans. We maintain extremely high standards and expect the same of anyone we train.

We would be happy to assist anyone joining the police or military prepare for the commitment.

If you would like to train with us call 609-780-7432. Phone calls are to set up in person meetings and not to discuss training protocols.