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FREE Active Shooter Emergency Action book written by Chuck Knutson of Last Salute military funeral honor guard. ALL Contact necessary should be made through [email protected]

The FREE book is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or part without express written permission. Chuck Knutson is certified in 3 categories concerning active shooters by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has many years of military and physical security experience.


UPDATE!! After listening to a Texas State Trooper tell the media this morning that the first police arriving on the scene could not breach the classroom door where the shooter was with children, I thought about the statement in my book about schools having a “black bag” ready with breaching tools in case initial responding officers need them. A much better way to do this would be to install a wall locker in the foyer of the school clearly marked “POLICE”. Place a large sledge hammer and axe into the locker with other useful breaching tools and possibly even mild smoke grenades. LOCK the locker with a standard prisoner transport leg shackle lock which is keyed for a standard handcuff key. Now every police officer will have a key to that locker already on them.

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