Our Boot Camp Style Fitness Class

Join our 10:AM Saturday Class.  The fee is $15 payable at the beginning of the class.  You will be called with location information and/or updates.

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    I agree that I am in good health and able to take a high intensity fitness class without suffering any medical, physical or emotional problems. I will not in any way hold Chuck Knutson, Viking at War, any of my instructors or the property owners responsible for personal injury regardless if it is immediate or protracted. I am aware and agree that these classes are physically demanding and may cause injury. I will hold the aforementioned parties completely harmless in any event and hereby agree to settle any future or potential legal action for the sum of $1.00.

    I have read the rules and restrictions and fully agree

    Our Philosophy

    Personal training is about more than just working out. Our role as your fitness coach is to provide you with the tools and support needed to reach your goals.

    It is not just an exercise program. Getting in shape and healthy is a life changing event. It requires dedication and maximum effort.

    Our program does not include fad workouts or the latest diets. We do not have any magic pills or videos to sell you.

    While fitness and nutrition science continue to evolve, the tried and true methods that have worked for hundreds of years are still the core of a successful program. These core principles are tweaked for improvement as new research provides more effective or efficient methods. Ultimately, these are minor changes to the basic fitness principles which have always worked.

    As your personal trainers and coaches, we will not only provide you with training but nutritional guidance as well. We will help keep you motivated and positive.

    We will always remember that being fit is just a part of the end result. Losing weight, reshaping your body and being healthy will also restore your self-esteem as well as give you a positive self-image.

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    Personal Training in Galloway NJ

    Are you ready to get serious about the getting the body you want?  Train with a professional personal trainer in a private well equipped training facility in Galloway.  Use Hammer Strength, Cybex, Nebula and Life Fitness equipment with guidance from a trainer with 30 years experience in strength training, body sculpting, mixed martial arts training, endurance, cardio, cross training and more.

    Chuck Knutson started training in the US Marines in 1980.
    Chuck Knutson started training in the US Marines in 1980.


    Trainer Chuck Knutson now at 50 year's old using his many year's of experience and training to help you be the healthiest you can be.
    Trainer Chuck Knutson now at 50 year’s old using his many year’s of experience and training to help you be the healthiest you can be.
    Here he is pictured carrying a telephone pole as part of his own personal fitness regimen.

    No frills, no pampering, just a serious attitude toward accomplishing your goals.

    Not everyone will be selected to participate in our training program. We must feel that you are a good candidate for training with us. We only train individuals that are dedicated and serious about reaching their goals. If you just want to say that you have a personal trainer or are looking for a place to hang out in your gym clothes and talk, this is not the place for you.

    We will work with you at a pace and intensity which you can handle that also pushes your body hard enough to force change.

    Think seriously about it before you call us. If you really want to change, then we are your best chance. We take your health and progress very seriously and you need to do the same.

    We fully expect that you will not only put forth maximal effort during your work out but also follow a diet plan that provides you with good nutrition and restricts foods that are bad for you.

    If you are really ready to change your life call us.

    Call now, 609-780-7432


    Here are a few short videos of Chuck Knutson at 50 Years old demonstrating hanging leg raises, kettlebell pushups, rope drill off a military Humvee, medicine ball sit-ups, squats, weighted pullups and more These videos were shot at the end of a grueling workout.

    Below show Chuck Knutson doing weighted pull ups. The big chain weighs 25 pounds and the large plate is a 45 pounder.

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    Happy Clients

    Read what our clients have to say about training with us.

    From Donna Block



    From Komini and Kajal Joshi (The “KJ” twins)

    I want to start by saying I am a 21 year old, 5’1”, female and I LOVE junk food. I could eat 3 tacos at Taco Bell, a Nacho Bell Grande, a Mexican Pizza and a large soda with at least 2 refills. I also Love cheese. I would buy blocks of cheese and eat it every-day. Wawa became my best friend. A day would not go by without me eating out for my school lunch break or dinner. I would just go eat out for fun. As my love for food was growing, so was my waistline, my double chin and my FAT!!! I started losing my confidence and my self-esteem. I stopped wearing jeans and shopping. I tried everything, dieting, Cross Fit, the gym, Weight Watchers, walking more, drinking more water, the cabbage diet, the juicing diet, you name it. I kept yo-yoing. I would be good for a week or 2 then binge and end up eating 4000 calories in one meal. Yes, it is possible.

    My cousin’s wedding was coming up and I promised myself that I would the weight but the day of the event, I was heavier than ever. The next day, I knew I needed help because I had a problem with food. I knew that I couldn’t do it on my own otherwise I would have had it fixed by now. I sat in my room literally crying, desperately calling all the gyms and Googling “personal trainers”. The lowest price I got was $350 per month. Knowing I couldn’t afford that, I cried even more and then went downstairs to comfort myself with more junk food.

    On my kitchen table I saw a newspaper with an ad for training that’s affordable. I quickly called the number and spoke to Mr. Chuck. He is friendly, flexible in terms of what time to train and, most importantly, he has a whole lot of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I went in the next day with my sister and we both signed up right away. I told him in 2 months I wanted to lose all my fat.

    Day after day we met with him to train. I lost ALL my fat and started to gain lean muscle. He completely helped me with my diet and he is really a gift from God to me because I was so depressed before I met him.

    I started to fit into my jeans again and amazingly by the 4th week I was into my “skinny” jeans that I wore in high school. He was so helpful and patient. He answered all the questions I had and boy, did I have a lot of questions. He made me realize how bad I was actually eating and most of essentially, how to clean it up.

    I am almost embarrassed to say this but I have seen more results in 2 months of working out with Mr. Chuck than I have gotten in my whole life of trying everything else. I can’t believe how much time I was wasting!

    I can’t say enough about Mr. Chuck. He always gives me way more than I pay for. I could thank him every-day and it would never be enough. Every time I feel like quitting, I can hear him encouraging us and push us. I hear him say, “control the weight” or “you can do it” and I can. When I am at school or work and about to take a bite of something that I shouldn’t be eating, I hear his voice in my head, “put that garbage down”. It gives me the strength to make the right choice.

    I would recommend Mr. Chuck to anyone who is seeking a friendly and committed personal trainer to help them reach their fitness goals as well as to learn about training and nutrition.


    Kamini Joshi


    We are so happy to help people change their lives.  Here is another note from one of our clients.


    From Sheila

    So, I’m a nurse, supposed to be a a good example for patients, right?  Just turned 50 used to be in good shape, next thing I knew I had put on a fast 30 pounds in one year. Then, I see a couple of my nursing students looking in great shape and asked them what’s the secret? They give me a number and I call it. With one phone call I got hooked up with a private gym, a personal trainer and a nutrition counselor all in one. Best move I ever made. Best shape I have been in. Best price I ever paid. Lost weight and feel healthier than I have in a long time. Word is out, what are you waiting for!  You want it? You need to call Chuck!!!!


    Military & Police

    Proficient Military and Police tactical and fitness training is mission critical. Not only should you be concerned with your own personal ability to complete your mission but you should also be acutely aware of how your fitness level and tactical performance affect your team. Their safety depends on you as yours does on them. It is incumbent upon you to achieve and maintain peak functional performance physically, mentally and tactically. As you may have heard before, “the more you sweat in training – the less you bleed in war”.

    Our training mission is to provide you with the fitness regimen and tactical knowledge necessary to be an effective, confident professional.

    We are serious about maintaining these standards. That includes nutrition. If you are unable or unwilling to adopt and sustain this mindset, than we are not for you.

    We are Marines and Marine Corps veterans. We maintain extremely high standards and expect the same of anyone we train.

    We would be happy to assist anyone joining the police or military prepare for the commitment.

    If you would like to train with us call 609-780-7432. Phone calls are to set up in person meetings and not to discuss training protocols.